FERNANDO ALONSO Of Ferrari Wins Rain Hit F1 Malaysian GP! WOOOHOOOO!

WOOOoooooooooooHOOooooo! Wuaaahahahaha! ROFL! Fernando has lived up to his status as the most complete Formula 1 driver once again. Hoho, I have so long never been this happy especially since the devastating loss of Alonso’s fellow countryman Rafael Nadal on previous Grand Slam final. This win marks his third Malaysian GP wins(a record) and 28th overall. Wet race condition at Sepang is a common sight, and that includes the 2012 edition, where a heavily poured rain even forced a 50 minutes race suspension at the 9th lap. Coming into the second race of 2012, despite having a not so competent car identical to last year’s, he had shown once more his ability to sneak a win from the 8th qualifying grid position by exploiting the rainy condition to suit his car while driving flawlessly. Whereas at the Australian GP last week, the truly brilliant Alonso arm-wrestled his Ferrari from 12th to 5th in the Australian GP that launched the new F1 season. Those results show how strong his character and what a fighter he is, err much like Rafael Nadal. I guess most Spaniards are really like a bull huh, once he senses an opportunity, there is no holding back. His team-mate, Felipe Massa, however, found the car fundamentally undriveable. He started 16th before retiring in the closing laps, and i thought he had the feel of a merciful release. Ferrari’s statistics stating that in normal circumstances, their cars this year are approximately 1 second off of the fastest car on the grid which is Maclaren. Even though there is slight improvement than last year’s performance which was almost 1.5 sec slower, but frankly is still far from what people would expect out of a Ferrari. Ferrari’s cars are supposed to fight on the front grid, but unfortunately this is not always true in current F1.

Fernando was truly happy with this win since having to cope with a below par Ferrari car.

On the bright side, if we follow Alonso’s career closely, we know that Alonso despite whatever car given, he will definitely bring the best out of the car. In 2010, Ferrari throughout the whole season has been regarded as the third fastest behind redbull and Mclaren, but he however fight excellently towards the end; just a strategical error by Ferrari team has costed him the championship on the final race. For a reminder, he also fought for the championship in 2007 just to lose it in the final race too. According to what some of the driver including De La Rosa were quoting, Alonso is the finest and most complete driver of the lot, arguably even over Schumacher. Why? Because no matter what the rules changes were by the FIA, he was always come out on top regardless with grooved tyres, with slicks, with blown diffusers, with double diffusers, with Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, and in any condition especially on the wet as he has prooved again today and throughout his whole career. Wet condition is very challenging and hard to drive in as anything can unexpectedly happen.

Alonso leading the pack in the heavy rain-hit race

Some recklessly fast driver like Hamilton, Vettel or Raikonnen won’t stand a good chance in this condition. It is however a different story for Alonso, Button or Schumacher with their precise and accurate driving. That is why Alonso was always able to outperform others in this sort of situation while able to fully show his talent. On his third win in Sepang, I want to congratulate Fernando Alonso for his superb consistency and amazing drive. The new leader of the championship in this early 2012 season, keep up the good work, and hopefully Ferrari would get some encouragement from the win to improve and produce the best car to match up with Alonso’s driving abilities. To people out there, trust me when I say Formula 1 is even better this year since the former 7 times F1 champion, M.Schumacher is making a come back and he showed glimpses of his old self in this first two races whilst adding another thrill in 2012 is the return of 2007 champion, Kimi Raikonen from World Rally that drives for Lotus F1. Never before there were 6 world champions on the grid battling in a season. And the stellar second placed Sergio Perez of Sauber really draws my attention. Alonso’s successor perhaps? I will wait and follow him closely on incoming races I guess. Ultimately, top notch performance and VIVA ALONSO!
P/s: Ferrari, please keep up with him!

Till next year Malaysian Sepang F1~

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