SPAIN WON EURO AGAIN, BUT ITALY WON OVER FOOTBALL FANS (Euro’12 final match moments in pictures)

Despite a fan of Spain since 2005, I cant help but to GREAT-ly salute the Italians led by Buffon and on-field general, Andrea Pirlo & co(Montolivo, De Rossi, Mario etc). La Roja have become one of the team of legend by defending the throne in Euro 2012. However the Azzuri squad can still be proud and held their head high for their performances throughout despite losing 0-4 in the final. I believe if not because of the costly strategy mistake by Prandelli in the 2nd half; bringing Natale/Motta over more threatening Cassano and fitter Montolivo, they could be more competitive (why did you bring Giovinco,Nocerino but not playing them??).

To sum up Spain’s Euro’12 performances, I myself admit that the tiki-taka played by Spain this time around was quite boring, except for when Del Bosque brought in a proper striker, and in the final match where they let loosened their slow paced ball possession (no risky passes), while dared to go for a more direct football play + tiki taka (surely will have to relinquish some possession) in order to get more penetration which allowed them more scoring chances and very threatening in front of goal (like Spain of Euro 2008 at their best!).

Spain in 2008 played tiki taka too, but they never held the ball for more than 60 percent averagely which means there were more space for them to attack and got to play short quick passes very close to opposition’s goal which was very hard to execute, thus producing awesome display and stylish football (only technically gifted Spain can play this kind). Alas, Spain nowadays play quite deep and very slow literally, with too much sideways passes than vertical ones which can be so boring at times especially when come upon rigid defences. That said, unity of the squad together with patience were keys for their success, though a struggling one this year. Nonetheless, what’s past is past, and pictures below are some of Euro 2012 memorable moments, as well as acknowledging some astounding players.

No other words, just congratulation………Again.

So sweet as Spanish players’ kids celebrate Torres winning Euro 12 and Golden Boot. What a reverse fortune do you have after Chelsea bad spell. As people normally quoted Torres as, “Form is temporary; Class is always permanent”. And that is very true!

How sweet can you child be Torres! Congrats to the father, Euro & Golden Boot 2012 Winner despite not featuring much.

The first goal headed by Silva that has been the turning point of the game.

Silva celebrates after scoring, on which he finished on a high with 2 goals and 3 assists, best stat of the tournament! You are an unsung hero! (in background Xavi & Iniesta high-fiving)

Losing 4-0 is far from the real story! Champions Spain pay tribute to their amazing counterpart.

I truly respect you guys from the deepest of my heart Italy. You all play football like warriors at war.. and make this Euro so memorable

My heart breaks when you cry Andrea Pirlo.. T_T Anyway, nothing to be shame about, that is simply the tears of manliness. You played amazingly and the world understand.

You make everyone shed tears with you Pirlo T_T (and Balotelli too). Nonetheless, he already cemented his place further among the all time greats..

You are already a living legend pass master Andrea. I’m sorry that you could have won everything else(WC, UCL, Serie A, local cups) but a Euro trophy, which this might already be your last chance. Regardless, you are the best. I bet you can get some redemption by winning Fifa Confederation Cup next year, and I don’t mind Spain losing that one, we shouldnt be so greedy anyway. Milan, Juventus, Italy & World LEGGENDA VIVENTE!!!

P/S: and finally I could have some proper sleep from today onwards until the upcoming club football season, around August no?.. All in all, what a great Euro tournament!

Inch perfect floating Panenka penalty kick. Antonio Panenka invented the kick, Andrea Pirlo perfected it.. Majestic!

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