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GREAT SPORTING WEEKEND! …but perhaps not for some

..and how the foul-mouthed fans were forced to watch in agony the condemning goal

Fewwwwwwh! What a great weekend of sports this time around as there were many surprises and turn around of events. Hence, I will recap on some major sporting actions that occurred over the whole weekend in this writing. First, Borrusia Dortmund of Bundesliga manages to retain their Bundesliga crown, denying their closest rival Bayern Munich with still two games to play, and marking a back to back championship title. Remarkably, they have been very consistent in this past two years even when several of their key players leaving or injured. German league might not be as popular as the other highest level league of England, Italy and Spain, however their presence in European competition are always threatening. Even though I rarely watch or follow any German league clubs, Dortmund is nonetheless different, especially with Shinji Kagawa in it. He is spectacular for an Asian and arguably their best player for 2012 season, and which for him being the reason I began to watch the league again. Together with the rest of low profile assembled players and Jurgen Klopp’s superb coaching, Dortmund is simply classy. And with Bayern’s dominance ended, Bundesliga shall no longer be justified as a one club league. Moreover, Kagawa proves that asian players, in particular Japanese can compete at highest level, alongside Okazaki(Stuttgart), Nagatomo(Inter), Ryo Miyaichi(Arsenal), Keisuke Honda(CSKA Moscow), and Kawashima(Lierse) to prove the case.

Jurgen Klopp can't hold back his emotion and hugs Kagawa after he scored the 2nd goal that seals the Bundesliga title.

Borussians celebrating back to back title

The biggest sporting event this weekend was undoubtedly the mouth watering encounter between Real Madrid and their fiercest rival Barcelona, with the estimation of half billion people across the world were watching the “El Clasico” last Saturday night. In the match, Real Madrid spectacularly managed to break their hoodoo against Barcelona to pull off the first win in 8 matches against Barcelona, this time away from home at 2-1. I was really overjoyed by the win, as Madrid proved that they no longer inferior to their rival, and Mourinho’s counter punch tactic was a success. Ronaldo despite his arrogant attitude bettered Lionel Messi that night and shut the hell of all critics that said he cannot turn up during big games. Anyhow, the most ironic moment that night was, almost 100 000 supporters of Barcelona, after their team scored the equalizer, started to taunt “Ronaldo is son of a bitch” in Spanish and jeered him. Just while they were taunting & singing, Madrid counterattacked, and as you all guessed he scored the faboulous goal in a blink of eye shutting the fuck up all their mouths, and to accomplish the goal was Ronaldo celebration pose that asked Barca fans to calm down with sole intent to provoke them. I can only ROFL haha, what an antic from him I can say. Real Madrid now is 7 points ahead of Barca in the league table and I cant see anyway in hell they would lose the Liga with 4 games left to play. !

Ronaldo celebrating while Messi ...cries?

Sometimes you need 3 or 4 players to stop Messi alone!

..and the same can be said for Ronaldo!

Emotional Casillas embraces Pepe after winning the El Clasico

"Calm down, calm down haters!" Ronaldo performs antic sarcasm for 90,000 Barca supporters after scoring the winning goal.

I bet Rafael Nadal without doubt has seen the El Clasico last saturday since he’s a football freak, and hence definitely has been carrying the inspiration of his colleagues of Madrid beating their rival. In this 2012 Monte Carlo ATP 1000 masters final on Sunday, Rafa finally emerged triumphant over Novak Djokovic in a very one sided straight sets match win, his first victory in eight finals over 18 months. Nadal hammered Djokovic 6-3, 6-1 on the first 2012 major clay court tournament marking his 20th ATP 1000 masters title breaking his previous record tie with Federer. What is more, this is his eight consecutive wins at Monte Carlo! What a staggering record that is and probably wont be broken ever. This is a very big win for him for another reason which it will boost his confidence and remove his inferior psychological barrier over Djokovic. Having said that, even before the game started I was already convinced Nadal would win since he has shown tremendous improvement during his last meeting at grand slam against his rival despite losing. And today he proved himself as still an indisputable player on clay court. This win will most probably be the remedy for him before the upcoming Rolland Garros grand slam.

The tennis gladiator is on fire!

The champion's smile and confidence are back. Nadal poses with runner up Djokovic

Whereas at Old Trafford England, goodness me! The title race is a definite on! Manchester United just managed a draw against Everton despite scoring 4 times! I was already giving up on City’s title hope when Everton was trailing 3-1 and 4-2. The Evertonians however proved me wrong by amazingly stagimg a comeback. They definitely did a big favor to Manchester City whom won their match against relegated Wolverhampton right after with the score of 2-0. Currently, City just trails their neighbour by 3 points in the league ahead of their derby next weekend at City’s turf. If City managed to get a win against United(I hope), they will be equal in points with 3 games left to play. City have the upper hand to lead the league whenever both are equal points since they have higher goals margin than United, but will have a rather trickier match ups left compared to their rival, having to face the highflying Newcastle and unpredictable QPR both away from home.

Amazing comeback by Everton left United frustrated

England's biggest derby in the upcoming weekend, Battle of Manchester.

The key battle is between these two top scorers of BPL, who will outscore the other in the derby?

To end the recap with, Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel clinches his first win of 2012 Formula 1 by ensuring his victory in Bahrain GP, followed by second and third placed Lotus Renault’s Raikonnen and Grosjean. Franky, I would have already acknowledged on the high pace of Red Bull car. However I was forced to witness even the newbie Lotus Renault could overtake Alonso’s Ferrari piece of cake-ly and achieved podiums finish. What a ridiculous job Ferrari is doing now. I am truly disappointed as the great Fernando Alonso just managed a seventh place on that race despite having an excellent start. Nonetheless, the gap between him and the leader is just 10 points over 4 races. Formula 1 would have a one month break before the next race, so please Ferrari get ready a better car as you had promised for the upcoming Monaco GP!

Redbull's Vettel is sandwiched by Lotus Renault's Grosjean and Kimi Raikonnen

P/s: to a good friend whom support Nico Rosberg so much, congrats on him winning his first F1 GP last weekend at Shanghai 😉


RAFAEL NADAL, despite losing at the Australian Open 2012 final, you will always be an aspiring champion….

The Australian Open Tennis 2012 Grand Slam has come to an end following a final match encounter that I could not simply put into words. As a matter of fact, the match might have been too intense and mind blowing. This latest final confrontation occured between current world no. 1, Novak Djokovic against world no.2 Rafael Nadal, in which “The Djoker” has prevailed. The match was so epic that it will surely be written down into history book alongside 2008 Wimbledon Final which was arguably the best tennis match ever! In the latest Austalian Open final edition, Djokovic beat Nadal in an epic 5 sets match lasting for 5 hours and 53 minutes, which is the longest final Grand Slam match ever with a score line of 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7(5), 7-5. The previous longest duration final GS match was just at 4h 54m which was almost an hour shorter. Doesn’t that along with the scoreline could tell you anything? Simply LEGENDARY!

The longest final match ever in 100 years of tennis history

I dare to say that these two players have elevate their game even beyond Roger Federer’s, and I too reluctantly have to believe that Novak has been one of the finest player in tennis history. Both have performed well throughout the tournament as Nadal beat Federer relatively easy in four, while Novak was tested by Murray and eventually succeeded in five sets match, both in semis. But, being Rafa’s fan, I was tremendously devastated, saddened by his lost in the final. This has been his best performance against “The Djoker” in recent years, as he has given everything he could, retaliating with all his might and fate still doesn’t lie with him, yet again. Despite trailing 1-2 coming into the fourth set while his body language and confidence never looked any worse with errors after errors, he somehow astonishingly got his composure back and regrouped to fight Djokovic neck to neck in the fourth, and eventually prevailed with a tight scoreline.

Roger's age is finally catching up, the focus is now on rivalry between Novak and Rafa

Mental prowess that Nadal showed really filled me with awe, looking at how he pushed himself hard to get back into the game, giving his best in everything that he could, and so close to winning the game. Mind you that Nadal has lost to Djokovic for 6 consecutive finals in 2011 which include 2 Grand Slams, and 4 ATP Masters, even in clay court where it was supposed to be his territory. And coming into the final match, while holding a psychological disadvantage against his opponent, I have to salute & respect on his resilience and mentally as well through out the match because he was not only battling Novak on the other half of the court, but inside his mind as well. The last set lost was just a matter of Nadal being unlucky. It was 50/50 in the end after Nadal did an impressive job to stay in the game.

Djokovic embraces Nadal after an epic match..

RAFAEL NADAL, even though you lost the Grand Slam, but you have definitely raise my respect towards you that has actually been sky high. You had produced so many legendary & memorable matches with whoever great players you were battling against; and that others wont be able to take that from you despite you winning or losing. You are my idol as a person and as a sports man. You showed to most ordinary people that with true, tremendous hard work, you can be a champion as well. You are an inspiration and despite losing again, you are still the winner in everybody’s heart. You have won so many titles, beat the so called “Greatest of All Time” in Federer too many times, been world No.1, and has achieved everything that other people wish to achieve, and despite all that, you behaviour & manner are too unbelievable to believe. Outrageously humble, your attachment towards parents & uncle, your respect towards opponents, hard worker, never give up attitude, well behave on courts, your guts, and a very nice guy as a whole. All these character of yours for me have made you the best, well deserved and most unique tennis champion the game will ever have.

Rafa plays his tennis like a warrior

Contrasting, other champions like Federer definitely has true quality & actual character as a champion, Djokovic has talents and resilience as world best. Even McEnroe in the past was a hot tempered genius and the great Borg was a cool, calm & collected champion. But the man called Rafael Nadal is not a genius player like Federer, or even Djokovic. Nadal is just an ordinary guy who work, work and work hard; improve, improve and improve on his game until he is able to adjust himself to suit the situation he has to face. Challenges that came as specific players, different court surfaces or different playing style, he conquered them all by training diligently. In many people’s eyes, they don’t see him as only a tennis player but also a fighter. Dubbed as a modern day gladiator, he gains respect and fear even from opponents and their supporters. I know that this recent Djokovic “jinx” has been deeply buried in his mind after so many losses, however I always believe and pray that he will be able to overcome this mountainous obstacle eventually as he had proved before. And for all that, you will always be an aspiring champion for everyone especially me. Rafael Nadal would be my inspiration even in matters beyond tennis, as in real life. A real role model & a true aspiring champion. VAMOS RAFA!